05: Summer / Autumn 2009

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Rana Dasgupta

Marianne Morris

Gonzalo Melchor

Paul Green

Abir Hamdar

Nicholas McInerny

Mark Wagstaff

David Gaffney

Laura Bridgeman

Robert P. Baird

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David Gaffney

David Gaffney is from Manchester. He is the author of Sawn Off Tales (2006), Aromabingo (2007), Never Never (2008), Buildings Crying Out, a story using lost cat posters (Lancaster litfest 2009), 23 Stops To Hull, a story about junctions on the M62 (Humbermouth festival 2009) and Rivers Take Them, a set of short operas with composer Ailis Ni Riain (BBC Radio Three 2008). Destroy PowerPoint, stories in PowerPoint format, will be at Edinburgh in August 2009.

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