05: Summer / Autumn 2009

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Rana Dasgupta

Marianne Morris

Gonzalo Melchor

Paul Green

Abir Hamdar

Nicholas McInerny

Mark Wagstaff

David Gaffney

Laura Bridgeman

Robert P. Baird

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Laura Bridgeman

Laura Bridgeman’s commissions include: Maison Splendide (London New Plays Festival), Junk (Gay Sweatshop), Medicine Girl (Guinness Ingenuity Award), Etiquette (Radio 4), ID 1000 (National Youth Theatre G.B.), and There Is No Word For It (Transfabulous/girlboy). Laura is currently working on a novel, Raphael Coombs, funded by the Arts Council of England, and Caterpillars, a six-part TV series. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from UEA. Laura’s agent is Emily Hayward at Rod Hall.

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